Monday, 30 August 2010

creative escape - back and looking a little like a boiled lobster........

well, i'm back from creative escape and a fabulous time was had. not all the projects were to my taste, but then i guess that is to be expected.

a little too much time by the pool on sunday means i am a little sunburned and sore, but nothing that won't pass in a day or two!!

on the first day, i took a tour of the bazzill warehouse. all i can say is oh my gosh!! take a look at these:-

the outside of cardstock paradise!

mr bazzill himself, a truly lovely man.

this is the packing area, where all the orders are picked, packed and shipped. i have never seen so much cardstock! 

piles and piles of fabulous bazzill goodness!

after our visit to the bazzill warehouse, we made our way to scrapbooks etc, their flagship store, 9000 square feet of stash to stroke!!

back tomorrow to post some of the projects we made!

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