Monday, 20 February 2012

this is my art

dear tattoo, thanks for holding my attention like few other things can, thanks for making me nervous and excited when i think about you and look at you in the mirror. it's like having a crush on my own skin.

to say i'm slightly obsessed with my new tattoo is an understatement, i've been avidly looking at all the tattoo art out there in cyberspace and i only wish i had half as much talent as the artists i've seen. it amazes me that they are able to draw something so accurate and so me, with only the thoughts from my head, which, let's face it, are a jumbled mess at the best of times!!

my art is different, it's always been paper. i've always been fond of paper, even growing up i had literally hundreds of notepads for scribbling in, these never manifested themselves into anything worthwhile, however, they were a kind of comfort blanket for me, even now if you delve into the depths of my bag, you will, no doubt, find a notepad of some kind. i use them now to sketch designs for cards, scrapbook pages or mini albums and i do have several on the go at any one time.

this is my latest design, i used the tutorial from this website, i changed it slightly in that i made it into a bouquet and i only added the ribbon around the bottom, but the idea is still the same. these are all made from su cardstock. i used whisper white, soft suede, garden green and old olive. i inked the insides of the white flowers with old olive and certainly celery ink and finished these with an su pearl.

i love how it turned out.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

hmmm, not much to report really...

i haven't done too much crafting lately, i've totally not kept up with project life at all yet and apart from a valentine and birthday card, i haven't done anything, how rubbish am i??

i have been busy getting a new tattoo though. i love tattoo art, i wish i didn't work in such a conservative environment as we are not allowed to have tattoo's on show, i would have so much more work done, anyway, here is the before shot. this is the very first tattoo i had, it's faded somewhat and for a while i've been planning a design around this:-

and here is the after. i love dragons, and there is something about the fierce nature of a dragon and the beautiful refinement of a rose that i wanted to bring together. i had this done by will at oxford tattoo, i think he did an amazing job.

the trouble is, i definitely want more work done now, and am busy planning my next (just don't tell my mum!!)

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