Sunday, 22 August 2010

elephant parade

during may and june, the elephant parade came to london. richard and i spent our day off each week combing the streets of london searching for elephants. there were 261 altogether and these were staged all over the city. the first time we went, we didn't have much of a plan, but we managed to see over 100, and as the weeks went on, we were much more organised. apart from glastonelly, which was only displayed at the glastonbury festival, we managed to see every single one.

at the end of june, all the elephants (except glastonelly) were brought together at the royal chelsea hospital to be displayed in one huge parage.

the weather was beautiful and the elephants looked lovely, each one unique in its own way.

the next challenge is how to scrap 261 pictures!! this is the title page. i used my trusty quickutz london cookie cutter set to cut the shapes, the font is merry and i had to sneak a little elephant in there too!

i am off to creative escape in 2 days - yikes, better get packing!!

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Anonymous said...

SO then Sarah - How is Project 'Scrapelly' coming... Have you been able to tackle any pages yet? would love to see an update on your blog unles you have and I missed it!!!