Tuesday, 10 August 2010

completed doily project

so, you've probably noticed that i have skipped a few doilies, silly old me forgot to take pictures of them. anyway, here is a picture of the finished article. overall i am very pleased with it, sure, there are elements that i feel i could have done better and i might make one or two adjustments before i have it framed, i am still not happy with the birdcage for example.

a few notes about the doily project if you fancy having a go:-

i distress everything - and i mean everything!! every tine piece of paper or cardstock, every trim, every sticker - tim holtz distress inks are my favourites and the one i have used throughout this project is one of the originals, vintage photo, this is my go-to ink at the moment. i have been known to use stampin up too, but they are much harder to distress with and i don't get such a nice finish

it's ok to substitute. i didn't want mine to look too much like christines, i wanted to put my own take on some of the doilies, but when it came down to it, i loved some of them so much, i just scrap lifted, so thanks christine, love your work

layering is the key. each doily has at least 4 layers, just play around with scraps of paper until you have a look you are happy with

invest in some foam squares - i think this is the most i have ever used these!!

each square is 3x3 inches square, i guess you could make them larger if you wanted, but this seemed to fit the size of the doilies perfectly

i intend to frame this in a dark wood box frame, i bought a white one from ikea, but it just makes the collage look washed out

go with the flow and use your old supplies, don't spend a fortune on this project, you will be amazed what you can create with what you have!!

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