Sunday, 27 May 2012

i've been playing (and a bit of a tutorial)

i've been busy this weekend, i was supposed to be going to the tattoo convention in bournemouth with my cousin, grace, but we both double booked ourselves and decided to postpone this in favour of the one in reading in june. at least i couldn't add to my ever growing collection of tattoo's!!

i've been to 2 classes this weekend, one on saturday at the glitter pot in burgess hill and one on sunday at snazzy stamping and scrapbooking in swindon.

to say saturday was a waste of time is an understatement. i decided that i wanted to try to use my copic's better, i have a basic knowledge from watching youtube video's and can get fairly decent results, my main aim was to learn how to improve on these and use some of the darker colours as these are the one i struggle most with. i found the tutor uninterested in our personal aims and intend on teaching us how to colour in dreadful magnolia stamps and when i asked for some help to colour the stamp i had brought with me it was met with some distaste and no help whatsoever.

i'm not even going to bother showing what i made, it's too awful.

i'm pleased to say however, that sunday was a completely different story!!

i met with my good friends Jen, Alison and Julie-Anne a few weeks ago and attended the big stamping and scrapbooking show at alexandra palace where we saw a bust made by val at snazzy's. we asked if she would be prepared to run a class for us showing us how to make this and i'm so glad she agreed, we had a great time!!

val is extremely generous with her time and the products available for use, she even offered this class to us on a sunday even though she doesn't normally open.

we started with a basic papier mache shape and painted this black. i guess you could use any colour here, but i specifically wanted my piece to be dark!!

we then added some fine mesh and some spackle, which is basically a texture paste. this adds dimension to the piece and can be added as sparingly or generously as you would like.

i knew that somehow i wanted to incorporate this skull in my work, so i painted this black and then embossed this with white embossing ink. i wasn't completely happy with the way this looked after the embossing had been added, so i set it to one side for a while to think about it!!!

once the spackle and mesh had been added, i added some shrink plastic gears, washers, nuts and bolts and then painted over this with more black paint.

i love working with metal and know that i wanted to add some of this to my project. i used grungepaper and some ten second studio metal, embossed this with a tim holtz embossing folder, painted it (again) and used two strips of this to make the 'bra'.

as i said before i wasn't totally happy with the skull being such a bright white. i decided to stamp on this and add some more texture with another colour. val had this fabulous stamp which looked like crackle glaze (unfortunately, it's no longer available, but we did find an alternative by indigo blu). 

once the additional coat of paint was dry, i used some inka gold to add further texture, i couldn't resist taking a picture of the bust with it's 'nipples', this is actually where i was gluing the brads into place.

i also decided that i still wasn't happy with the skull and painted this black again!!

finally, after 6 hours of playing, here is the end result. i love how it turned out. val, if you read this, i would like to say a big thank you for today. we had a blast and will definitely be back for more!

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