Monday, 27 December 2010

i'm liberating myself.....

from my december daily. it's just not going to plan. to be honest, i am questioning why i am continuing with crafting. i do enjoy it and i have made some wonderful friends through this hobby, but, there is a downside, i spend countless hours searching for the "perfect" paper, embellishments and photo's and nothing lives up to the standards i set for myself. all this means is that i get nothing done, or end up trying to do the same page over and over again and eventually give up.

therefore, on this project, for this year, i am setting myself free.

i need to seriously downsize my mountain of supplies and lose about 3/4 of what i have. so, give me a call, come over and see what i've got, bargain prices to a good home!

i am, however, going to sign up for ali's "one little word" class for 2011. more on that and why i have chosen this in my next post. i think this will be my only project for 2011.

i am confident that i can keep up with this, it's one page per month, how hard can it be.....

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Dawn said...

I was sad to read this post. I understand your feeling about wanting what you make to be perfect but I feel making a craft any craft should just be about the fun of creating something for someone. What is imperfect to one may be perfect to another.

Sarah you make beautiful things but only do it if it brings you joy to make them. I am glad you are letting yourself off the hook. I too have had to do the same thing. We can't schedule making things they need to happen when we are inspired. Your work inspires me.