Wednesday, 1 December 2010

happy december!!

i am getting so excited for christmas already!! we put the decorations up yesterday and now my living room is all christmassy! i love this time of year, it's the only time when i feel that i really relax and switch off from everything except my friends and family.

my favourite thing about coming home from work at christmas is that just the christmas lights are on in the living room, it's really cozy, i love sitting for a while and catching up on the days news.

i love coming home to the roman candles in the window.

i love the fire.

i love opening the advent calendar.

i love opening and constructing the christmas jigsaw puzzles.

i love christmas cd's in the car

i love christmas!!

i am attempting a december daily album this year. although i will not have my pages completed, i will take the pictures and post my pages when they are complete.

my first picture:-

it simply wouldn't be december without the red cup and gingerbread latte from starbucks. i love this!!


Pen said...

I started my December Daily album too! It's at my other blog:

I have decided to go all digital this year, I know, shame on me! But I'm hoping it will give me at least half a chance of finishing something! Now how satisfying would that be? To end the year with my first completed project!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon

Dawn said...

Sarah, we just started our advent calendar today. One day late but we are on track now. Good luck with your December daily album. I am working on cards and tags for Christmas. Hugs, Dawn