Saturday, 9 October 2010

getting in the christmas spirit

i guess i have been preparing for the craft fair so much, i am really in the christmas spirit at the moment and reading ali's blog is really getting me excited!!

although i didn't actually finish a december daily last year, i plan to give it another go in 2010, i think in 2009 i was just too focussed on it, i wanted it to be perfect and the cost of that perfection was a few photo's, about 2 completed pages and not much else. this year, i plan to go with the moment. i love how ali abandons perfection (although her stuff always looks pretty perfect to me!), but she works with what she has. i focus so much on getting the perfect photo, the perfect element, the perfect paper and the end result is that i'm too scared to actually follow this through.

not this year.

this year, i am going to create my foundation.

this year, i am going to go with the flow and abandon perfection.

this year, i am going to blog my page every day.

this year, i am going to finish the entire album.

i am still working on the craft fair. this is my workdesk in the living room at the moment:-

there is a small amount of organised chaos to it, i promise, i did actually clear the mat area for the photo too, I didn't realise that it was so warped and discoloured - yuk!! 13 tags made, another 12 to go! tomorrow i will be working on 'santa stop here' door hangers for the fair and die cutting some snowmen for my 'snowman soup'.

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