Sunday, 1 July 2012

invitations, invitations and more invitations...

i've been tied up lately and don't really have much to show apart from these two special invitations, and they are both wedding related and at two ends of the spectrum. the first one is a golden wedding invitation. my parents have been married for 50 years in september and so we are having a party to celebrate.

i kept my granny's photo albums and found this wedding picture of my mum and dad with the bridesmaids, the one on the right is my aunty pat - my mum's sister (and i got an 'oh sarah, did you have to?') when i gave the invite to her!! 

the second invitation is for a work friend, lucy, who is getting married in august. i made 60 of these and have at least the same number of favours and order or service still to make. i'm pleased with how they turned out and lucy absolutely loves them (thank goodness!!).

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