Sunday, 19 February 2012

hmmm, not much to report really...

i haven't done too much crafting lately, i've totally not kept up with project life at all yet and apart from a valentine and birthday card, i haven't done anything, how rubbish am i??

i have been busy getting a new tattoo though. i love tattoo art, i wish i didn't work in such a conservative environment as we are not allowed to have tattoo's on show, i would have so much more work done, anyway, here is the before shot. this is the very first tattoo i had, it's faded somewhat and for a while i've been planning a design around this:-

and here is the after. i love dragons, and there is something about the fierce nature of a dragon and the beautiful refinement of a rose that i wanted to bring together. i had this done by will at oxford tattoo, i think he did an amazing job.

the trouble is, i definitely want more work done now, and am busy planning my next (just don't tell my mum!!)

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