Sunday, 23 January 2011

one little word - january homework

our one little word homework for january was to create a 'me' page, together with a page embracing and celebrating your word. i'm not a great fan of my handwriting and so i chose to hide my journalling on manilla tags.

i chose 'believe' as my olw this year for one main reason - so i remember that whatever happens, i should believe in myself and my abilities. i need a constant reminder that i am good enough. i also ordered a olw necklace from lisa leonard so that i have a reminder with me throughout the year. when ali first introduced lisa, i fell in love with her jewellery and have had necklaces or bracelets made each year. 

1 comment:

Pen said...

You've inspired me to get cracking on my page this week!
Love yours, and maybe I should order a Lisa Leonard necklace too....